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As a logistics workforce management company with a core competency in commercial truck drivers, TeamOne Logistics provides a comprehensive workforce solution allowing shippers to maintain their fleet assets, the relationships the drivers have established with customers, while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of the driver workforce.

Our services include:

  • Expert Logistics Recruiting
  • HR, Payroll & Benefits
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Custom Safety & Compliance
  • Worker’s Compensation & Liability
  • Strategic Operational Support

The example below demonstrates the challenges TeamOne Logistics regularly solves for our private fleet partners.


Founded in 1952, ABC Manufacturing is a Global Fortune 500 company involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products in the automotive industry. Their supply chain is complicated, and ABC Manufacturing is constantly working with their current partners and sourcing new ones to meet changing demands. Domestically, ABC Manufacturing has a significant supply chain spend, especially in the areas of transportation and warehousing.

The ABC Manufacturing supply chain team includes seasoned professionals committed to analyzing, planning, and executing continuous improvement strategies to keep them ahead of their competition. ABC Manufacturing is proud of its team culture and even calls this commitment to excellence the “ABC WAY”.

To meet these challenges, the supply chain team for ABC Manufacturing utilizes Third Party Logistics providers (3PLs) for much of their outbound transportation, and engages staffing companies to support needs within the four walls of the distribution centers. While the 3PLs running the fleets typically do a great job, there are ABC facilities where the team has not been able to make the economics work. In those locations, ABC Manufacturing still employs their own company drivers and operates their own private fleet. Although the fleet operates well, even performing on par with their 3PL partners in other locations, it is getting more and more difficult to attract and hire safe, qualified drivers. To make matters worse, regulations continue to grow, and employee liabilities have always been a great concern for the leadership of ABC Manufacturing and a major reason why others have completely outsourced to 3PL partners.

The distribution center workforce presents a different challenge for the ABC team. They have always had to utilize traditional temp staffing companies for support, but the staffing companies have been churning through more candidates than usual. They never seem to have enough personnel on hand to meet demand and the quality of the candidates has not been up to par. Now, even senior management from ABC Corporate HQ is complaining about the quality of the staffing company candidates and the resulting high turnover.

The ABC team wonders if there is a better strategy… a better way… Some way to allow both the benefit of operating the fleet internally AND a better solution for all of the employee associated costs and challenges they are facing. In analyzing the problem, the team uncovered that one of their top performing 3PLs works with a “workforce partner” to provide drivers and manage their workforce. This 3PL is known for some of the safest most professional drivers in the industry.

Sound Familiar? What if ABC Manufacturing had...

  • A true workforce partner with an equal commitment to excellence?
  • A different kind of workforce solution strategy that allowed them to maintain and control their operations while solving their employee related challenges?
  • A workforce solution that eliminated most employee-related liability while keeping costs in line, making the economics much more attractive?
  • A workforce solution that included a safety and compliance program that rivals even their best 3PL?
  • A partner with decades of Human Resources Administration, recruiting, and hiring experience, especially with drivers and other warehousing/logistics personnel?

TeamOne Logistics IS that partner… and more.