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Healthcare Heroes; the Key to Retention

Our 3PL Partner specializes in dedicated full truckload and expedited freight service, with a focus on the automotive industry.  With the growth over the years, it is difficult to manage all of the human resources efforts along with the operations of the business.  Our Partner has the desire to offer health benefits to their employees but find the expense too great.  They know offering health benefits can improve recruiting efforts and reduce turnover.


TeamOne Logistics works with the 3PL Partner to develop a customized plan to meet their human resources needs of recruiting, health benefits management, worker’s compensation, liability coverage, employee retention, payroll, and more.  The teams also discover additional opportunities in safety and compliance.

TeamOne Logistics creates an engaged workforce by ensuring competitive wages are in place to improve recruiting and retention.  With TeamOne Logistics’ purchasing power in healthcare benefits, our 3PL Partner can offer health benefits at costs affordable for both the company and employees.

Safety and compliance are important to our 3PL Partner, and TeamOne Logistics strengthens the existing safety plan. TeamOne Logistics develops a culture of Safety First among employees, offering customized, high-quality training, employee appreciation benefits, and recognition awards.


  • Savings of over $100,000 in healthcare insurance expense*
  • Turnover reduced by 40%
  • Crashes reduced by 15%
  • The company can focus better on operations and customers – taking the pressure off of team members

        *Compared to purchasing health insurance independently


“I got my hopes up because health insurance is so high. The pricing came back, and I almost teared up because I can now offer health insurance to my employees, whom I love so much. We are backed by TeamOne Logistics, and it takes us to another level.”

3PL Partner Company President