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Partner Profile

  • Location - Region:  North Central U.S.
  • Market Segment:  3PL
  • Type of Freight: General - Regional Runs

The Challenge:

Our 3PL Partner specializes in dedicated full truckload freight. They had an opportunity to expand into a new territory, but needed support in recruiting and training for the new operation.

The new territory is largely rural which can be challenging for recruiting.  The Partner also had a short time for getting the operation up and running to meet their client’s deadline. TeamOne Logistics was able to assist this partner with the expansion of operations into the new territory with recruiting, training, and HR management, allowing the partner company to grow revenue and focus on operations.


TeamOne Logistics worked with the 3PL Partner to develop a customized plan to meet their human resources needs of recruiting, hiring, training, worker’s compensation, liability coverage, employee retention, payroll, benefits management, and more.

TeamOne Logistics deployed its Platform of Resources to recruit, hire and train the new team of 15 drivers and a branch manager for the new operation.  TeamOne Logistics maintained operations until all positions were filled, allowing the Partner to meet their start date and realize revenues right away.


  • Partner gained $5MM + in new revenues with no delay
  • Engagement: our Partner saved $85k in startup costs, as TeamOne Logistics recruited, hired, and trained the new team
  • Avoided potential loss of revenue - approximately $150k - as TeamOne Logistics maintained operations until all positions were filled
  • The Partner could focus on the operation and assets while TeamOne Logistics manages the people side of the business and the employee-related liability.
  • Using one partner to handle multiple services allows the partner to scale in locations that would not be feasible without the support and expertise of TeamOne Logistics