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Roadrunner: Frank Hurst, President

In this episode of the Freight Insider, Page Siplon speaks with Frank Hurst, President of Roadrunner. Frank shares how his fascination with logistics and the movement of goods led him to fall in love with freight.

Today, Frank serves as President of Roadrunner, a position he has held since 2017. In this role, Frank led the transformation of the company’s unique service offering in the national LTL market. With Frank at the helm, Roadrunner has transformed into an award-winning, service-first LTL freight carrier, specializing in long-haul, metro-to-metro shipping.

Frank shares how Roadrunner has transformed into a company focused on service to its customers and drivers, including:

  • How new leadership, investors, and technologies transformed the company’s operations
  • How Roadrunner focuses on their drivers from comprehensive onboarding to ongoing support
  • The impact of Roadrunner’s Veterans and Women in trucking initiatives
  • Roadrunner’s method to empower entrepreneurs and ensure the success of their independent contractor drivers  
  • How Roadrunner engages with driver priorities and offers support, like in the Trucker Final Mile program

Connect with Roadrunner:

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